Wedding Makeup Artist Beautiful Faces by Nashawn

wedding makeup artist in the brampton region
Beautiful Faces by Nashawn offers makeup services for your wedding or photography needs. Please find our rates and services below

Make-up Rates:
1 – 3 people $60/per person
4 people $55/person
5 people + $50/person
Trial (bride only) $45
Package (BRIDE ONLY – 3 parts)
Part 1: Trial
Part 2: Engagement Photo OR Engagement Party OR Bridal Shower
Part 3: Wedding Day Application

Wedding Day Tips

* Drink lots of water.
* DO NOT make drastic changes to your cleansing and moisturizing routine close to your wedding day.
   You don’t want any adverse reactions!!
* Waxing should be done 3 days prior to the big day.
* Minimize caffeine and alchohol the day before the wedding.