Vatican Discourages Weddings at Sea

For the Catholic couples who are planning to have their weddings at sea, even if your boat has a chapel, you are now forbidden by Church law to do so. The Vatican has recently established a new law that restricts the sacrament of marriage from being offered at sea because they have serious concerns on how couples tie the knot.

According to Rev. Eric Andrews, the reason for this lies in the church law. The couples are expected to go through a process of preparation with their local parish. Their parish priest then sends the paperwork and delegation to the priest whom the couple chose to do the ceremony, that is, if they planned a destination wedding. The wedding priest then has to be sure that the wedding is registered properly in the right parish.

Andrews explained furthermore that when couples are on board a ship, giving that advance delegation is difficult or even impossible; that is why the church is making the policy. The policy shall ensure that the sacrament is administered properly and validly. It also protects the couple from legal and canonical issues that may arise in the long run should their marriage be mistakenly registered by a priest.

Nevertheless, all is not lost for Catholic couples. There are plenty of wedding chapels in Brampton that can provide the same level of intimacy.

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