Hiring an Elephant for Your Wedding

ID-10082819Make a grand statement when you get married by arriving on top of an elephant. This is a growing trend amongst affluent South Asian couples. Imagine the pictures of your wedding day! They will be out of this world with this special guest delivering the couple to their ceremony. Some couples decide to use an elephant to keep the tradition going in their family. Although the groom nor the bride will be able to steer the elephant himself, a trainer will be on hand to help guide the animal to the ceremony.

Just be aware that travelling with an elephant isn’t easy and if you’re destination is too difficult to travel to, the elephant will not be able to make an appearance. Your wedding site must be accessible by tractor trailer for the elephant to be able to arrive safely. The elephant’s trailer will be on site before and during the event,  so parking must be available. So if you’re thinking about hiring an elephant, you need to also consider any weight or height restrictions on the way to your ceremnoy, such as bridges or tunnels. Elephants also need access to drinking water and a receptacle to dump the animal’s waste.

You can hire the elephant Limba from the Bowmanville Zoo. Prices start begin at $6,500 for up to 4 hours (for a minimum of 4 hours), the cost includes a veterinary health certificate, insurance and permits, travel, accommodation, shipping and handlers. Limba travels with a minimum of 1 handler and 1 trainer at all times. The cost also includes Limba’s food and wedding attire, the zoo has dressed up Limba for traditional Hindu weddings and are prepared with the perfect embelishments. The zoo also provides a step ladder which the groom can use to climb on the elephant.

You can call the Bowmanville zoo and book Limba for your wedding, just provide the date and location of the wedding and the zoo will let you know her availability. There aren’t many elephants available for hire in North America, Limba is possibly the only elephant available for hire in Canada.

Naturally, she is in demand. The Bowmanville Zoo gets requests and enquiries for Limba every week. If you feel an elephant is the must have attraction at your wedding, book Limba as soon as you have settled on a date. Although the Bowmanville Zoo is only open to the public in summer, Limba is available for travel throughout the year. In summer she can travel to outdoor weddings more easily than winter weddings. Due to the cold climate Limba can only stay out for short periods of time. During the winter she usually travels to indoor events.

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